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Repair Authorization in Mere Minutes
The MAINS Lab team has developed a technology for automating the claims settlement process.
Mains Lab, being one of the key software developer for the insurance industry, has presented AI technologies that enables Russian policyholders to obtain repair authorization in less than 20 minutes.
Moscow. December 21, 2020

The technology will help reduce the time for obtaining authorization for car repairs or financial indemnity for an insured event from several days to just 20 minutes, reads the release circulated by Mains Lab.

The artificial intelligence (AI) developed by the company will be able to analyze photos of damages and calculate repair costs or indemnity amounts in mere minutes. The key factor providing such significant acceleration of the process is the in-house technology that assesses vehicle damage on the basis of photographs. A technology like this is especially relevant in the times of pandemic, as it helps reduce contacts between insurance company personnel and the client to the absolute minimum.

The technological solution is groundbreaking for the Russian market, as it is the first time the full cycle of photographic analysis is performed by a robot, not by a technical expert, the release reads. The system has been tested on 3,000 cases, and its online analysis functionality has shown the accuracy of 97% - this is the share of cases that the software processes at the accuracy rate of a human expert or even above that, while also reducing the decision-making timeframe significantly. This process used to take a few days per event on the average.

It all begins with uploading of photos. The robot accepts photos of both damages and documents required for damage calculation, such as a vehicle registration certificate, insurance policy, etc. Thanks to machine processing, only one or two minutes are required for analysis and classification of photographic angles, detection of damaged areas, segmentation of parts and damages, including hidden damages, and calculation of tentative repair costs. Then the data are forwarded for confirmation to a MAINS Lab expert, which takes not more than two minutes. At the final stage, the robotic loader adds information to a claim file, selects a car model and configuration, picks up damaged parts automatically, and puts together a calculation.
Our reality is changing and becoming digital, heavily driven by such factors as the spread of coronavirus. It used to take several days to settle an insurance claim, and now the entire process can be completed remotely in just 20 minutes. This technology is new for Russia, but we are convinced that it will catch on quickly and gain accolades from both clients and insurance company personnel. A client does not need to visit an insurer's office, wait in line or go through lengthy document processing procedures any longer; instead, the insurer will be able to help remotely, getting data in real time. In addition, this technology will contribute a lot to reducing the workload of insurance company personnel

Yury Kuvshinov
CEO Mains Laboratory
According to MAINS Lab, the technology will be adopted soon by numerous insurance companies.

We will continue developing this technology, and a lot is yet to be done in such fields as detection quality, transfer learning, and customer experience. However, thanks to the hybrid nature of the solution, it can already be put in commercial operation, as the speed we have achieved so far is already higher than that of available analogues.


MAINS Lab, a major developer of AI-based IT solutions for the insurance industry, was established in 2018. MAINS Lab works with the most prominent industry players and offers solutions that help improve efficiency of underwriting, claim settlement and customer service.

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