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Mains Lab & AlfaStrakhovanie (Insurer) implemented AI to handle customer requests
AlfaStrakhovanie (Insurance company of Alfa Group), together with Mains Lab, a developer of artificial intelligence solutions for Insurance industry, launched a project to automate the processing of electronic customer requests. Now, more than 50% of incoming requests are registered using AI.
Moscow, February 04, 2020

The implemented solution is based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, which processes human language with artificial intelligence tools. The robot analyzes client's request and its context and, based on pre-trained neural network models, is able to determine the topic and the further path of this request within the company.

At the current stage of the project, the robot classifies incoming calls for reasons and subreasons, which allows to make a process of communication with customers transparent, predictable and increase the speed of processing customer requests, Alfa Insurance reports.
"On a daily bases AlfaStrakhovanie Client Quality Control Service processes thousands of electronic requests from customers through digital channels. At the time being we have taught the robot to recognize top 10 most common ones. During 2020 we are planning to deploy this project to the whole stream, and in a longer term - to teach artificial intelligence to quickly provide answers to questions from policyholders that do not require additional study "

Kirill Gordeev
Head of client service department of Alfa Insurance
"The first stage of the project have already made it possible to partially relieve living specialists, giving them an opportunity to concentrate on solving more complex problems. The obtained results indicate great prospects for this technology. The company has a plan to expand application of technology to other channels of interaction and process more than 85% of requests with the help of AI"

Yury Kuvshinov
CEO Mains Lab