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Mains Lab developed a co-pay platform for leading russian insurer Rosgosstrakh (RGS)
Insured under medical policy now have control over medical expenses online
Rosgosstrakh provided insured employees of its corporate clients - companies that conclude collective agreements of voluntary medical insurance - with an opportunity to expand a number of clinics that they can contact by partially paying for medical services.

For this Rosgosstrakh, together with Mains Lab, a company specializing in machine learning in insurance, introduced a new solution for clients - medical insurance programs with a deductible which can be controlled and paid online.
Moscow. February 06, 2020
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An active development of health insurance programs with a deductible on the Russian market began relatively recently - 3 years ago customers were not aware of this innovation, but now almost every request has clinics with service programs that include a deductible. The peculiarity of such programs is that the insured also participates in a payment of services provided by medical institutions, and can take control over the volume and type on the go (online). Rationalization of consumption, as well as control over services by the insured significantly increase the efficiency and accessibility of medical insurance programs
"Our company is constantly working over improvement of its programs and customer service. The implemented innovation solves two problems at once: now we can offer our corporate clients wider and more effective insurance programs, and we also make the process of using medical insurance for the insured even more convenient. This is an important step to strengthen our digital leadership in the field of Medical insurance".

Galina Talanova
Board member. Head of medical insurance (RGS)
"We have implemented another convenient digital service for our customers. This is an important milestone in our plan for the digitalization of medical insurance. In 2020 we plan to launch many more technological solutions, including those with Mains Lab. They will allow us to maintain our leadership position in medical insurance both in customer service and in optimizing our internal business processes, and continue to confirm the reputation of a technology company".

Dmitri Trunin
Head of projects. Medical department of RGS
"The efficiency of medical insurance programs is mainly determined by how much an insurer is able to manage the cost of services. And medical insurance programs with a deductible - are one of the most effective ways to control costs, because it directly involves clients in this process. The solution was implemented in a very short time - in 2 months integration with Rosgosstrakh information systems was set up and all requirements for setting up the system were taken into account".

Yury Kuvshinov
CEO Mains Lab