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Your Expert in the field of automation of large businesses using artificial intelligence

About us
Mains Lab increases revenue, customer perception and reduces costs for companies by millions of dollars

Artificial intelligence makes a company's processes as efficient as possible, and gives people an opportunity to concentrate on development. The technology allows to reduce costs of call centers, reduce fraud, predict an amount of customers using company's services, and indicates possible problems in advance
Why Mains Lab?
We have a strong team of developers experienced in world-class IT projects and platforms
Accomplished projects are successfully used by large companies, which have already saved them more than 100 million rubles of operating costs
We support our clients with operational consulting, changing inhouse processes the way to maximize effect of using new technology
How we work
First things first
Analyzing client's business and setting goals. Assessment of quality and sufficiency of data for developing (training) AI model and / or learning by the rules
On a data array model learns patterns and rules for their subsequent application. Various hypotheses are tested and the model is debugged to achieve the best result
The use of a trained model increases an efficiency of processes and data handling, what reduces customer costs and increases volumes of a new business
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