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Tender process automation
VSK Insurance and MAINS Lab applied process automation technology to optimize the work with tenders
VSK Insurance Company together with Mains Lab, a developer of insurance IT solutions based on artificial intelligence, announced the launch of a project to automate the workflow for tenders in the field of voluntary medical insurance (VHI).
Moscow, September 16

Every insurance company almost every day participates in tenders from different clients to choose the optimal VHI program. For the largest insurance companies the number of tenders to participate in and prepare documents is estimated at several hundred per month, and dozens of employees are involved in the process. Processing of unstructured information accounts for the bulk of labor costs. According to a survey of the top 10 insurance companies, which Mains Lab conducted in October 2019, tender experts spend up to a third of their time on processing and unifying data: bringing an arbitrary tender format to a standard form, searching and identifying those clinics which have a contract with the insurance company.

Mains Lab applies the approach used by major search engines to work with unstructured information. Correcting typos, taking into account synonyms and historicity in the names of clinics, adapting addresses, constant additional training on new tender requests - all this made it possible to achieve almost 100% quality of recognition, which will significantly reduce the preparation time for tenders, and therefore provide customers with optimal service conditions within the VMI.
The key result of this project will be an increase in the number of tenders which the company will be able to take an active part in, and a reduction in the time it takes to respond to customer inquiries. This will allow us to make proposals for VHI programs more tailored to the needs of specific corporate clients
Oleg Vit'ko, Deputy General Director for Medical Insurance at VSK
"Many insurance companies develop their own IT solutions, but a few have made significant progress. Thanks to cooperation with the insurance company VSK, we were able to confirm our hypotheses on large amounts of data, get a positive result and continue the development of the service"

Yury Kuvshinov
Mains Lab CEO